Longing for Home

November 11, 2011
By Silverfuke BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Silverfuke BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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once upon a dream, a hallucination possibly
everything was fine, i was with you, and i was free
twas all just wonderful, and i was at home
and when i was with you, i was never alone

but that was just a dream, what i hoped my future would be
now i have to say it didnt turn out that way, obviously
i am here away from "home", away from my heart, away from you
and to get back, there is nothing i wouldnt do

here, there are no trees anymore
no walls on houses, not even doors
when you can finally find one,
hold it in, it wont be there for long

people dont know what to expect here
you look in their eyes, you see unconditional fear
slowly, the fear and loneliness begin to tear
most crack, finding it too hard to bear

i didnt know what my future would hold
i lied to myself saying id grow old
growing old with you seems like a blessed story
its foolish how people choose this for glory

now, these may be the last words i write
i chose to write to you, not knowing if it was right
ive waited so long to come home, to come to you
now, ive no idea if that hope will come true

as i sit here, writing my soul onto this paper
hoping to god above that you will read this letter
there is a commotion outside,
and i dont know if i should hide....

after all the things ive said,
and all the crimes that ive done
ive no idea how to say
these words before im gone

youve no idea how much i regret
all those things i couldve said
every opportunity that passed me by
just because i was too freaking shy

you are my heart, you are my home
when i think of you, im never quite alone
being with you would bless my soul
the thought of kissing you just makes me feel whole

how i long for your words, your thoughts, your smile
how i long to see you walking towards me down an aisle
in the hall of a church, or wherever you want
i just wanna be with you, and never be apart

now i feel like this is the end of my letter
theres so much more, but none of it is gonna make me feel better...
if only i wouldve said every single word to you
but, i guess better late than never, i love you

if i am to die, right here, away from you
please dont cry, cause you know what id do
id watch over you, and make sure you dont come to harm
i promise to be with you.....wherever you are

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