My Plate of Sunshine

November 1, 2011
By Lily2013 BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
Lily2013 BRONZE, Beloit, Wisconsin
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"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love,listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left." (Marilyn Monroe)

My plate of sunshine, that brings joy and happiness into my world. He brings meaning and color into my life, and the love and comfort that I need. He somehow manages to turn every frown into a stretched out smile upon my face and brings out a string of laughter. His sloppy kisses and warm hugs fulfill me, but always leave me hungry for more. I say goodbye and give him a warm hug, a long kiss on the cheek and a good pat on his head. It is so hard to part away from my little munchkin only looking into his warm light brown eyes makes my heart feel warm, tender and fuzzy inside. As I yearn for another warm little kiss from my little one I am reminded of my duties by the ten minute warning bell. My mother drives away with my little plate of sunshine as I catch a glimpse of his little hand waving goodbye. School feels like an eternity just watching the clock tick away with its long and slow hands moving inch by inch. As the clock strikes three eighteen the bell rings and everyone jumps out of the school! Minutes later I arrive home I reach for the door and I can already hear his little pitter patters on the tile floor rushing to the door to see who is at the door those moments feel like heaven knowing I will get to see my little angel smiling at me. I open the door and find a little boy with a grin upon his face stretching his arms towards me, he screams “Maaa” I pick him up and I can already smell the sweet scent of cookies on his skin and clothes, which apparently must have been from earlier that day. He welcomes me with a huge warm kiss I look at into his warm little light brown eyes and at last I know that I am home!

The author's comments:
being a teen mom can be hard work, but knowing there is someone waiting for you at home with pure love is worth every penny in the world.

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