An Object of Beauty

November 9, 2011
By kelseysorrells BRONZE, Ipava, Illinois
kelseysorrells BRONZE, Ipava, Illinois
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There it is; among the vivid, green, full bushes that blend as one. Its soft, sweet, luscious petals peek out as if the light is upon it for the first time. Its thorny stem is below it like a coat of armor defending the darkness. The sunshine glistens on it like a spotlight on a big, inviting stage. This rose is ready to take on the world, as all love in this world has brought itself together to create a thing of pure beauty.

The bushes of the roses are a thing the imagination couldn't cook up. Its shades of green mix into one another to make a bright, earthy, deep green tone. They compliment each other as if they only have themselves to rely on. The brilliant tones of the Green introduce the hard, thin branches of these leaves sit upon. The branches are weak, but just strong enough to hold the green colors that grow upon them.

The incredible shades of green and brown give aWayy the fantastic beauty of the thorn, green stem. It defends its beauty like a star filled night, protecting its freedom and innocence.The thorns of this object of beauty are pointy and thick. Their protection is as endless as the deep, blue sky stretching across the landscape. The stem the thorns grow upon uws hollow. The many little jobs going on inside of it are important to its beauty, working together to create such a precious work still standing. The brown roots send water through the stem like a water park amusement ride, living in the gracious moment of peace and happiness. Flowing ever so gently to keep the beauty of this miraculous plant alive.

At the end of the stem, the plant shows off its finest significance of petals; its most beautiful creation. The petals are soft like a chinchilla's fur upon the cheek of a human being, comforting and calm. They peek out of the bush as if the sunlight has finally decided to brush upon the delicate softness. The veins embedded in the petals make efficient paths, as if they have lost their way in the world. The different petals surround one another as if to keep them safe, or guide themselves to safety. the color of the petals are red. As red as the darkest lipstick on a broken-hearted woman saying look at me, comfort me; hold me.

The roses smell like happiness. Leading you into a different world as your nose peeks into its sanctuary. The scent takes your mind and sense of smell on a journey to a different world, where altering senses make you tingle with joy. As you come back to reality, as your noses pulls away from the feelings it had once encountered, it longs for it once again. It longs for the sweet sensation of the flowers mind altering journey. So it gives in and relives its magical dreams coming true.
The rose as a whole almost is an entity of magical powers. Its beauty is of nothing that can be replaced. It has a certain special ability about it that makes people wonder. They wonder about how something so luscious and sweet, can have an overtaking sensation on their brain. The rose shall go on forever in its heavenly sanctuary, where only peace and love allowed in this mysterious wonderland. The rose's beauty shall touch people for the moment, or for the everlasting length of forever. Until they meet again, and they are swept off their feet by the breath-taking ability of this object of beauty.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as a descriptive paper for my English II class. I never thought that while I was writing it, I would let out my truest and deepest thoughts of beautiful emotion on a object of greatness.

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