A Sad Angel

November 17, 2011
By PreciousUnique BRONZE, Mcpherson, Kansas
PreciousUnique BRONZE, Mcpherson, Kansas
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Living life to the fullest.Even tho your not here anymore.I catch myself looking for you in all the places you normally pop out of smiling at me.I guess I really Miss you! I hate the fact that your not here anymore.Those hugs I get from them, I wish I was hugging you, NOT them. I just wanna hold you close and never let you go! You were always by my side through all the bad times.Now, It's hard to explain what I'm feeling inside.The tears that I cry,The pain that I hide,The sadness that I fight,That smile that shows only on the outside.

This is my daily life since you vanished,Haven't been shown a road of happiness since your departure. I guess,I'm just a failure.I failed on you.It was mainly my fault you left.I failed on me.Never seem to make anyone happy,even when I try,I fail! I wish you were still here,holding me,tighten' me in you arms,telling me you Love me,whispering in my ear telling me that I'm your angel,How good I smell,How Gorgeous I am,and how you didn't wanna be anywhere else but in my arms,in my presence.Every Time you looked at me or even gave me the time, I felt like an Angel flowing on clouds.

The author's comments:
Wrote this on Nov.17, thinking of Jonathon Thomas! My true feelings today for him is what you just finish reading. I guess you can say I truly love him,and I want the best for him. I just miss him. well this all came from my heart,so I hope you enjoy!

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