I Gaze Across the Water

April 21, 2008
By Dani Gamman, Lake Forest Park, WA

I gaze across the water
At the splash of confused light resting upon the horizon line.
Some days,
I'm able to see though the gray.
Some days,
Prisms appear to me as more than blinding white light.
But on those days,
I just end up getting caught red-handed, nostalgic.
I'm seemingly white as a sheet at the thought of losing this.
So I'm left wondering,
What color is love?
Because thing is black and white anymore.
So from bright to black,
We're now at opposite ends of the spectrum.
My eyes darken as my mind wanders.
You're walking through the door with roses,
But I'm seeing yellow, not red.
Everything reveals itself as misinterpretation,
And I unravel my white flag for the last time.
I see only vague shades and hues
As you start to move away,
and I start to move into darkness.
I'm begging you, "come back,
Don't take this world's beauty with you..."
Just know,
You were the last bit of color in my grey line of vision.

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