Winter Blues

November 17, 2011
The helpless feeling of being alone,
Creeps up behind me in the middle of snow.
When all is dark and wet and cold,
Like summer died, but no one was told.
The damp and dismal days of winter,
Are trapping me with thoughts so bitter.
I long for warmth and happy days,
Four hours spent in a dreamlike haze.
I yearn for nights spent outside,
For swimming pools and shoes aside.
I think of daylight and skies so blue,
Of summer love and ice-cream too.
I wonder where my happiness fled,
If like the leaves, it went to bed.
I’m left here alone with thoughts so drear,
I can hardly stand this constant fear.
The fear of days that drag on too long,
Of never hearing the blue jays song.
The fear of sickness around every bend,
Of birthday cards I’ll never send.
The fear of what was meant to be,
The fear of what I’ll never see.
I hope my darkness will soon turn to light,
And that my blindness will transform into sight.
-Raven Price

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