I Have To Stop

April 21, 2008
By Dorothy Adkins, Griffin, GA

I have to stop because i know it's wrong
I haven't had time to think that long
but now i see
it wasn't me
you really cared about
although you didn't put that out
there was no love between us
just an affair i have to cut
no if, ands, or buts
I did have a little connection
because i was afraid of rejection
but now i really don't care
because there's nothing else we share
you have a lover, i'm just a friend
I don't want to hurt your girl that's not what i intend
It's all done i don't want to pretend
i'm finished lying
this daring affair affects more than just you and me
It hurts my man and your girl you see?
I'm just mentally and emotionally devastated
I'm tired because i have waited
I've waited to tell you
but it has to be told
I'm letting go of my tight hold
This game thing is to cold
so i'm letting my feelings unfold
You see i can't go on
because this daring affair has me so gone
so blown
It has my heart torn
I know we will cry
and i know we will mourn
but this love affair is crazy
Freedom must be born
Real love must be formed
That is sworne

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