Tired of Being Tired

April 21, 2008
By Jontasia Tyalor, Phoenix, AZ

Tired of being judge.
Hate to be alone.
Tired of being someone made
Sick of being young
Man I'm so tired, Man I'm so tired
Screaming in my ear
Sex in my face
Education in my mine
School is nothing but time
Time is wasting and I haven't got in trouble in a crime
Please be mine
Show me a sign
Kiss me
Love me
Hold me
Don’t touch me
Man I'm so tired, man I'm so tired.
Give me a chance I won’t be a pain
I'm living own my own
I want, need someone that loves me for me and not my body because I'm tired of being rejected and covered in discrimination. I fear that my love won't like me and I want protection help me i love thee just trust me I’m tired of being alone and I’m tired of being Tired.

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