Driving Record of Insanity

November 6, 2011
By , Cincinnati, OH
“Get in the car!” Father ordered
My baby sister and I glanced up in shock
“What’s wrong, Daddy?”
“It’s time for us to talk.”

My little sister stayed confused
I didn’t need to think twice
“Keep your head down, and your mouth shut!”
My sister nodded at my advice

This had been going on since I was born
Maybe a little before
When Mommy died, Dad went crazy
And grew into an issue to not ignore

Have you not heard of my dad?
I’m sure you have, but not him as a person
You saw the monster on the front page
Covered in hair and ribs sticking through his skin

Oh, the therapists and doctors tried to hush it all up
There years of research couldn’t go down the drain
“He didn’t transform, there’s no werewolf.”
“That poor man is hairy and insane!”

But none the less, the doctors weren’t there that night
Not when my sister and I needed them
I was stuck with a monster and needed protection
No one was there with him

Daddy roughly shoved me in the front seat
And barley opened the back for Karen
“You’re going to a hotel tonight.”
“I can’t keep you locked in a room like you’ve been.”

My sister choked a little
She had seen Daddy transform only one time
And that had been enough for her
I had seen way to much too ever again be fine

Daddy stayed silent in the car
Then pulled over the side of the street
“I’m so sorry.” He sobbed
He covered his head and started to weep
“I’m the worst father in the world.” He cried
“I can’t watch you when I’m like this.”
“I put your life in danger every month.”
“I’m scared to touch you, give you a kiss.”

“Daddy…” I started but he cut me off
“I was born into this. Just for being the child of a priest.”
“I’ve ruined your lives just like mine.”
“I’m not even human; I’m a beast.”

“I love you two more than anything.”
“You are the only people that love me.”
“It’s so unfair, all of this.”
“I’m being forced into insanity.”

Karen and I started crying with him
Both of us reassuring him of our care
“Just no babies, no matter what happens.”
“I will always be there!”

“Dad!” I screamed as I glanced out the window
He quickly spun to face the side
He quickly gasped as the moonlight shined
And put the car into drive

“Hurry Dad!” I screeched at him
But I already saw him start to transform
Thick black sprouted down his spine
His clothes were ripped off and torn

His nose morphed into a snout
His eyes turned a sickly red
My sister started to wail in fear
I cringed at the pain I knew was ahead

The monster pushed hard on the accelerator
I felt my stomach leap forward
“Dad, this is not you!” I screamed in his face
He laughed as the motor floored

Suddenly he took his foot off the break
We crashed into the tree ahead slowly
No one was seriously hurt, not yet anyway
Down my sister’s face, blood was flowing

I saw the monster’s snout, shoot up in the air
Sniff, sniff, sniff, and lick
With one swift movement, he made his way to the back
In panic, my sister started to kick

My four year old sister was no match for the beast
I looked away in tears
With blood streaming down his face, the monster turned to me
My eyes shinned with a thousand fears

“Ronald Maxwell Harbor! Ronald Maxwell Harbor!”
I screamed his name three times fast
The monster looked confused at the sound of his name
I unlocked the doors while the confusion would last

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me
Through the woods in the dead of night
I probably ran about three miles that day
I was fueled by the speed of fright

Sobbing I told my story to the local police
Who didn’t believe a word, at first
But when we drove out to see Karen’s body
They finally saw my story to be coheres

Though I insisted it wasn’t my Dad
He was put in North Carolina’s Prison for the Criminally Insane
But I still remember, to this day
That I’m alive because of my father’s name

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