The fool

November 4, 2011
Congratulations! you did it
you made me the fool
When i see her
i feel i've broken the biggest rule

For that one day back then
it was nice, it was great
Now i'm all alone
and i'm filled with hate

You could've waited
could've taken at least a day
Why are you going so fast?
we were the other way

I thought i had to
I really thought i did
why are you blaming me?
i thought we were friends

You said it would be me
the one that you would choose
why are you so mean?
why did you make me lose?

Is this a game?
do you love to see me fall?
My head is spinning
trying to make sense of it all

Is this a psychotic circus?
you it's demented leader?
Am i just a pawn
in your chess game full of evil?

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