Still the Unreal

April 21, 2008
By Michon Sellers, Dover, DE

Still the unreal continues to face me and disgrace me
Its messed up
I can't complain about it
I'm surrounded by it
Unreal knows my next move
Senses my fear
Makes me tear
The only reason why I doubt
That's what it feels as if lifes about
It can't be explained
It's its own masterpiece hidden
Will not be disclosed to just anyone
Because its work has just begun
A new day and fresh air
Brought in by despair
I have a proposition
That helps define the decision
I refuse
To be used
And even lose
Naw, they won't get me
I have my own destiny
In my hands
Like a bomb ready to explode
Lets go
Lock and load
Imma do this
Face this
And make it
They can't hold me
I will be set free
By all of my misery
Like my Dr. King said "I have a dream"
So I sit and create the scene
Somethin like a daydream
About this thing called my future
That I'm beyond motivated to pursue

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