I Never Meant To Hurt You

April 20, 2008
I never meant to hurt you...
I probably shouldn't have said...
There are words that hang between us,
They still ring in my head.

Sonya, you are my cousin,
And very dear to me,
I look and see, mirrored
Another girl, just like me.

When the storm clouds gather,
Around us then I see,
Dark clouds, full of anger
I want to cry "let me be!"

Instead I often open,
My mouth and then let slip,
Words that I should never
Let slither past my lip.

Victor is my brother,
And very much like me
My heart wants to defend him
He can be good you see.

Often I will fight him,
Raw anger, harsh and hard.
My mom will sigh and say,
"Grace, you've let down your guard."

Sometimes her words are sharp
Words powerful, and strong
The time it takes to heal the hurt
Is often very, very long.

So "Grace" is often "Sonya",
Or "Victor", then today,
I took the place of "mom"
"I'm sorry" now I say.

Words are powerful,
They slash and sting,
But words can also soothe
They can make the hearer sing.

Like the dancing of the wind
In the sweet music of the rain
Or the gentle footstep of a kitten
Words will soothe away the pain.

I wish to say I'm sorry
I hope that in return
You'll give to me forgiveness
Something that I did not work to earn.

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