November 4, 2011
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Think about it,
Living down by the sea.
Think about it,
Is that where you'd like to be.

You could be inspired
To pick back up your pen
To write those lovely stories
I haven't heard since I was ten

You'd be just like Pops
Writing day by day
You could write your every thought
And have your final say.

Think about it
But watch out for the clock
There’s not long left
Before you "meet Pops at the Dock"

It’s funny really
You all ways spoke that line
I would never understand
And so you told me "Give it time"

I wish I had known
What you had meant back then
But you used to cover it up with stories
About dad and Uncle Ben.

I now finally realise
Your clock was slowly ticking.
A clock with limited turns
And handles that weren’t sticking.

"We all have a clock"
Deep down inside
I wish that yours was different
I wish that yours would hide.

Tell me how I can help
Let me make you smile
Let me sit beside you
And listen for a while.

There's so much you have to tell me
Before the ticking stops
Tell me all you can
Start with you and Pops.

How did you first meet?
What was your song?
How did you know it was him?
When you'd been apart so long?

Was it daunting meeting his parents?
Were you scared beyond belief?
Did they accept you for who you are?
Or did they give you grief?

I’m proud to be your Granddaughter
And I’m proud that you’re my Nan
Why do people have to age?
Why can’t they be Pan?

I'll tell my children stories
The ones that you told to me
And then they will tell their children
Your words still here with me.

I promise to not forget you
I couldn't if I was to try
Anyone who says they could
Would have spoken a huge lie.

So speak a few more words
As though there weren't your last
"Remember all the happy times dear,
Never forget the past"

My Nan and her words of wisdom,
Will echo in my head
I’ll hear them in the morning,
And before I go to bed.

Rest now in peace
You’ll be with Pops soon
I'll think of you fondly
From the opposite side of the moon.

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