Family Portrait

April 20, 2008
By Haley TX

In the site of this welcoming manor,
I shutter at what goes on behind the walls.
Some memories are lost forever.
Things you thought you knew will fall.
Four beautiful children,
Two parents, changed.
Once were soft to the touch,
Then out came the fangs.
What happened?
How did this happen?
Why did this happen?
Mama’s never home.
Working is her paradise.
Daddy’s always yelling,
Look close enough, and you’ll see the devil in his eyes.
You never know when you are safe or when you are vulnerable, you can never rest assured.
Because once you close your eyes at night, your hopes of sleep become ignored.
And then in the morning,
Hell begins again.
The war becomes less worth fighting for,
Because its pretty darn obvious who’s going to win.
When Daddy starts the first riot of the day,
Mama locks her bedroom door.
Then Daddy hits them and they cry and fall to the floor.
When Mama finally comes out, she looks tired and pretends she never heard.
What she had to listen to was hard to swallow.
Things are hard to claim when they are that absurd.
You are both so broken.
So torn apart inside.
We are becoming so fragile that its getting hard to hide.
What will you do when these walls come down?
Every tear is exposed, every back turned around.
If only those walls could talk.
Oh, what stories they would tell.
The tales of fear, and anger, and revenge.
It’s the closest thing to hell.
When this closed door comes off its hinges, what will you do?
I hope that every nightmare that haunts you will one day be true.
But the walls just fell back into place.
I’m once again trapped behind this closed door,
And I just can’t escape.
So think twice when you see this beautiful house.
For in its vicinity, no one gets out.
It may look picture perfect,
But only as it seems.
But if you listen closely,
You can still hear their screams.

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