Hear the Dew Glisten

April 20, 2008
By Aryelle Young, Hampton, KY

I am going nowhere,
But not fast enough.
I'm becoming nothing,
With no time to spare.

I'm finding nobody,
Offering comfort.
And I'm wishing for naught,
But what I can see.

For I see as the blind,
And speak as the mute.
But my ears give me all
That I'd want to find.

They bring the sounds of,
Life everlasting,
The tree roots beneath me,
The stars far above.

This music sustains.
In winter it warms,
In drought it will hydrate.
It's all that I need.

I'd beg you to listen.
It's all around you,
Just waiting to be heard.
Hear the dew glisten.

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