The Darkness of Night

April 20, 2008
The prevailing wind whistled his thoughts
through the leaves
with neither an ominous nor eerie urgency.
The reaction was a rustle of applause
as the heat subsided momentarily.

It was not the wind
or the following plaudits
that stirred my skin. The fiery sun
shone down and struck my neck with an electric energy,
inducing the epidemic of chills.

The plague
was weakened by the sensation
of a lone blade of luscious grass
caressing me with soft unspoken notes of endearment
and reassuring whispers of gratitude.

The eminent and outstretched
limbs of the elders shared stories of the past
and spread insight to the future, until they,
seasonally and selfishly reflected obstructed urban life
through a trio of pigments commonly invoking reaction.

Slowly, the sun was no longer reflected in my dark pupils
and the wind ceased to prevail.
My thoughts subsided completely
as sleep summoned me into the jealous and unknowing
darkness of night.

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