My Aphrodite

April 20, 2008
As I peered over the coarse rocks
and into the serene flow of water,
I should have seen a precise reflection of me,
but she was lurking beneath the waters.
She was elegant and striking.
My personal Aphrodite.
Each feature distinct and inquisitive.
Her soft baby blue eyes smoldering through
the analogous green depths encircling her spirit.
her hair was sodden and rode with the subtle waves
created from the surging fountain nearby.
I struggled against her splendor
for it was what I yearned to be
whilst I was stuck
trapped inside a shell of mediocrity.
Groping at the inside of this monster,
eager to be released from my shackles.
Her smirk was fanatical.
displaying chaos.
I was anxious as my face began
contorting into a similar display.
Flashes of panic and despondency
played like a movie
using my eyes as a projector.
She was deceitful.
She was devious.
Yet she was perfect.
Her face grew weaker as she sensed my
obstinate envy.
I loved her
and equally
I hated her.
I forced my hand into the freezing water
where her face had originally appeared.
She was gone.
I stared down into the water
there was nothing.
no reflection at all.
a precise reflection of me.

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