April 20, 2008
Rage is a snake
sinking its fangs in a deathly grip
releasing its searing venom
while you struggle
the poison stabs and burns
Rage is a door
lined with cracks
from being shoved shut so many times
a broken mirror hangs on its front
one more slam
and the glass will shatter
Rage is a kettle
filled with screaming water
as it’s left to seethe
it boils over
and the steam hisses on the stove
Rage is a fist
dropping crumpled petals
the tender lilac ripped
its fragile beauty broken
Rage is smoke
twisting down the throat
wrapping around the lungs
choking them
until they’re lifeless
and black
Rage is a nail
harmless…until it punctures
smooth timber
ripping its wooden skin
into broken splinters
on the floor
Rage is flames
creeping higher in
the fireplace
hungrily gnawing,
biting at the tender logs
until all that remains
are the charred ashes

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