Why Is Everyone

April 20, 2008
By kevin lopuszanski, South Elgin, IL

why is everyone,
everyone everywere,
everyone everywere talk about others,
they say hurtful things,
i hear what they say,
they talk about you,
they talk about me,
why cant we look,
and see our own flaws,
fix ourselves before,
criticising others,
noone nowere ever knows what to say,
for they think im "like 8 years old!",
they think im young,
above average,

Im not,
im just the kid,
the person looking in,
i know what they say,
about me and you,
me and you,
me and you,
they think im deaf,
they think im blind,
we walk,
They stand,
We talk,
They fall silent,
they cant understand it,
get it threw their heads,
that somethings are meant to be,
the narrow minded fools,
they think love is,
but for me its much deeper,

its saving you
from yourself,
its saving me,
from myself,
I see them,
They think i can't,
but i do,
all standing and staring,
falling silent,
they cant understand,
what they cant understand.

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