You and I Walking Hand in Hand

April 20, 2008
By Brittney Caplan, Hilliard, OH

You and I walking hand in hand
So cold and dead, we we see our breathe
Watching the smoke from the chimney disappear
Hearing your deep, soothing voice in my ear

It's oh so quiet, but nothing needs to be said
I hope this feeling never fades away
Please tell me again that's you're really here to stay

We hop the fence and trudge through the snow
Your jacket keeping me warm
We just stand there for awhile
With your arms wrapped around me holding me tight
My head buried in your chest, now everything's all right

You make me feel so safe
God, I feel so secure
Boy, nothing besides you matters anymore

The love I have for you, it can't be replaced
I've never experienced something like this before
Love is an emotion, not seen or heard
But boy, I know it exists here tonight
It's so damn strong it gives me a fright

I love you...
Let me hear those three words again
Come on babe, just one more time
Just once again, then I'll be fine

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