My World Goes On

April 20, 2008
By Gurbaksh Shergill, Troy, MI

My world goes on and does not stop,
Even when my heart fails to function.
My legs curl up, toward my face
And tears fall out of my eyes like a waterfall.
My stomach starts to hurt and my brain closes in,
This is the end of forever and we’re not in this together.
You promised to stay by my side, to never leave me,
But you left with the leaves in the autumn
And never came back to me again.
In this dark room, I’m all alone
And a door opens up to expose the sun.
It shines so brightly on my wretched life,
It opens new worlds- one’s I’ve never believed in.
But should I follow it? Should I go?
I leave you behind, in my pain
And turn to the next page of my book forever,
And turn to the next page of my life forever.

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