I Am From

April 20, 2008
I am from

I am from the streets, from the drugs i sold, from the abusive mom and dad, from selling myself for my mom to have money, im from the the tears that fell and the lies i was told.

I am from the white shelter, from the section eight appartments, from the grey house, from the mental home, from the dull room with bars, from the foster homes,

I am from gun shots, young girls getting raped, from drugs, from prostitution, from street races, from a nice peaceful home with a bunch of little kids running around,

I am from sleeping on cots, from sleeping with roaches, im from the twin size bed that felt like rock, from being strapped in a suit lying on a bed on the floor, from living on a nice soft bed,

I am from CTI where everything was alright, im from the arts magnet where i got into fights, im from the pyne arts where i got in trouble and got kicked out, im from the Brady Alternative where the bad kids go to straighten up, im from the Rogers where i fought, got in trouble, played sports, and graduated,

I am from mom and dad lying and calling me names, i am from depression and misunderstandment, i am from being abused everyday,

I am from Dunkin Donuts and a car, i am from chicken and portugueese food everynight,

I am from being hurt, from playing volleyball, i am from anger, and confussion, im from a new home with a good foster family,

I am from the steets to ahome, im from gunshots to silence, im from cots to nice fluffy beds, im from lies to promises, im from CTI to highschool, im from Dunkin Donuts to a home, im from anger and depression to happiness and comfort.

I am from.....

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