April 19, 2008
By Denisse Perez, Hamden, CT

She is my worst enemy;
She is my best friend;
I know while I’m still breathing,
With her, every minute I will spend.
She encourages me,
To get through her own obstacles;
While she ridicules me,
My insecurities and hassles.
I struggle everyday,
To wake up and work with her,
Because you know,
She can be quite stubborn.
The path she takes,
May contradict my own wishes,
And her selections have made my existence,
A house of complicated mazes.
There are days when I feel her warmth on my skin,
A strong, tight hold of comfort,
Then I begin to feel renewed within.
There are days when it feels,
Like I’ve been dragged into the cold,
Left there grieving,
Left their alone.
I’ve learned to not fight with her all the way,
Because to me, she turns a deaf’s ear.
Though I love her in unthinkable ways,
Her erratic personality I sometimes fear.
But though she is quite unpredictable,
I know that she is the only one that won’t leave me,
Because she is stuck with me until the day I perish,
Always have and always will be.

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