A Past Memory

April 19, 2008
Do you ever feel like,
You should hide who you are,
But it comes to a point,
When you've gone too far,
You try to make everybody's,
Life just perfect,
When it's really your life,
That's needing the work,
It doesn't make sense,
To hide with stuff and a car,
Or try to push it down,
With a run to the bar,
It's time to show the world,
What you're really made of,
Not this fake in high heels,
Who wears lots of make-up,
You're pissing me off,
You're better than that,
Try to act like a tiger,
Instead a pussy cat,
You've got talent and brains,
And so much more,
It's time to teach them all,
That there's more to you,
Than a supposed "bore",
It's time to step up,
Instead of running behind,
You've got everyone with you,
It's all in your mind,
The true you is much better,
Than what you've been showing,
So why do you hide it,
They're all waiting, get going.

So you go out there,
Give it your best shot,
And finally realize,
They like you better than you thought,
To step out of your box,
Can be the hardest thing,
But once you're out there,
You'll be a different being,
It's really not that hard,
To simply be who you are,
Being able to not care,
What others think from afar,
Now how could you forget,
What we used to see,
How could you forget,
How we used to be,
Now everybody loves you,
And I'm standing here alone,
A friend took my advice,
A friend which now is gone,
So now what do I do?
Take part in what I've preached?
Or to finally realize,
That that friend I taught was me.
Now it's time for a choice,
Which path should I take?
Take on my own voice?
Or the one that is fake?
The old me is hidden,
The new a glued mask,
Get the friend down inside me,
Back up is my task,
If your eyes cannot see it,
To grasp what I am,
Then I'm sure you'll remember,
My old friend in the end.

The potential has always been there,
Come back that friend that's me,
Because life is never fair,
Don't become a past memory,

So please tell me if it's worth it,
To change who you really are,
To make others think you're perfect,
On top of all the scars,
To be a nonconformist,
Shows more than personality,
The will to make a difference,
The power to set them free,
You get to know new people,
Think you're happy but you're not,
In your eyes others can see it,
Hiding pushing something off,
So long, so many lies,
Believers, even yourself,
You win just like in poker,
Till someone calls your bluff,
Then you think you finally meet them,
The ones you call your friends,
In the end some stay or walk,
But I guess it just depends,
Be honest, be yourself,
That's all there is to say,
Live your life and not others,
Should be the only way.
My friend has come and gone,
The mask still halfway on,
But they'll always be there pushing,
To my potential and beyond,
So please tell me if it's worth it,
The pain, the lies, the tears,
To make others think you're perfect,
Above all of the fears.

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