3 Dead in Car Crash: 1 Survivor

April 19, 2008
By Alina Wungsirivesh, Columbus, OH

Why? Why? Why?
Why did we go? Why did I insist?
3 dead, that’s what the headline says
But it should be 4, for I am dead too.

At the party, filled with alcohol
The smell so putrid it made me sick
So I insisted and asked that we bail
It was a wrong time to pick

If only I had seen
The empty beer bottles all over the floor
The bright headlights that came at me like a pack of wolves
For afterwards there was nothing but blackness

I wake up in an unfamiliar place
I can hear the sound of a beeping machine
And a weeping person

Who is crying? Who is crying?
I am crying. It is me.
They died because of me.

Me, the mourning, melancholy person
Why did they have to die?
Why didn’t I die instead?

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