Taking Back The Night- Spoken Word

November 14, 2011
Now I want you to think twice, "Man".
Before you cross those lines of dos and don'ts again, because the me you once knew has forever changed. And now that I've changed you don't know what I might do, or because of how my mind is now, what I may have in store for you IF your hand does even a little more than just grace my face, or touch me below my waist again...
Cause once I'm gone there ain't no comin' back. They told me I'm a victim, but I'm taking back the night any one could have ever said that.
That's right, I'm taking back all the times I've cried, every tear that's fallen from my eyes, every time YOU made ME question myself, and every lie I've told that's began or ended with, "I'm fine".
Every night I've listened, or read things I shouldn't have had to.
I'm taking back the night.
The night you took me against my will, the night you stole my peace of mind, innocence, and heart.
But it's now turned to the day I'm stealing back what's rightfully mine, along with gaining back some lost pieces of my soul.
I refuse to be a prisoner of words unsaid, meaning I refuse to keep my thoughts and feelings in my own head.
I'm taking back the night with every ounce of my being, with every syllable that rolls off my tongue when I scream, "I'm not the one that's wrong. And even though that night I felt weak, I am strong. I am not a victim".
Still, I'm taking back that night quicker than all your pumps lasted, and I'm going to make sure my words sting you stronger than a bullet that's been blasted.
And even though I'm hoping your in excruciating pain, and that your conscious is one word away from caving in.
Now that I'm no longer a prisoner to my own thoughts, I can't help, but ask, who harmed you?
Who, or what made you so vicious?
Who, or what made your mind so unconscious to where you could violate me in such a way.
A way that could take who I could have been and make me into who I've become.
Are you a prisoner of words unsaid, "Man", because if you are than you are the victim, and i pity you.

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