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November 14, 2011
By sugardud98 SILVER, Asbury, Missouri
sugardud98 SILVER, Asbury, Missouri
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I miss my old friend. The person who
would comforate me when I was sad. Who are you?
Wheres my old friend? The person I
could trust with everything? The shoulder I could cry
on? The person who was always picking me
back up when I was down? Thats the
friend I want, not this person. My
old friend would always be there for me. I
could turn to you for advice, but now I have no one to
turn to. Who are you? Your not the person you
used to be. People are scared to be
around you because they think you wont see
them when you are high, and hurt them. I
dont even want to be around you. My
friend is gone, and I dont know why.

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