April 19, 2008
A girl jumps on a Trampoline,
she is killed in a crossfire.
The next day there is a funeral,
Death fills the air.
Sadness spreads suffocating the hearts of all who become infected with it.
Now there is fear.
Fear for the children,
will they survive to live the next day?
There is no love,no hope,no joy.
Only sadness,depression,fear.
The fear must be overcome by a stronger force.
But can it?
yes it can.
With one person.
He walks into the room,it lights up.
She smiles.
It's happening,
the first person has been cured.
They link arms,
and walk through all of the rooms.
Spreading the love,hope,joy.
Everyone links arms,so that they become one.
They must keep the love alive.
But can they?
Yes they can!
She looks at the boy,
he is looking at her.
She smiles.Thay hug eachother,never letting go.
Always there.
They are Love.
They are hope.
And t5hey are Joy.

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