I remember a time

November 14, 2011
I remember a time,

When in the dark the lights on my computer

weren't the lights on my computer,

they were the lights of new york city,

Telling me I was safe.

It would watch over me because it doesn’t sleep.

I remember a time,

When turning upside down on the couch and lifting your legs in the air

could make you feel like you were walking on the ceiling

in another world, foreign to your own.

And nobody judged you,

because you were little.

You were just playing pretend.

I remember a time,

When I could sit on your lap.

And you told me story’s about your life.

And the person you were,

Who I wish I could have known.

I remember a time,

When I would steal your yellow glasses,

put them on and buzz like a bumble bee

and you would laugh at me

for making fun of you.

I remember a time,

When you would sing to me

And I would say “Shussh Shussh stop it grampy.”

And you would smile at me.

And I would smile at you.

I didn’t know I would regret telling you to stop.

I didn’t know I wouldn’t have you forever

I remember a time,

When we would make secret plans,

you were my biggest advocate.

You wanted me to achieve my dreams,

you wanted whatever I wanted.

I remember a time,

When I would finish my lessons,

And the only approval I sought

was yours.

I remember a time,

When I didn’t feel so alone,

And I used your approval as inspiration

for everything that I did.

I had you to talk to.

Who do I turn to?

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