Deceptively Imitative

April 19, 2008
like make believe.

I was so much deeper in this than
you could dream,
because there were ribbons attached you see.
To my wrists,
here and there.

And they wrapped so tightly around
like bands, and rings, laced inside my palm,
where there they clung to me like sickness,
like a dying fair maiden in autumn;

When I caught the breeze inside my hand
through my fingers and there I stood-
soaking me in like the warm beach sand.

Or the waves I can only feel in my dreams,
All the places you thought I might never find
I kept them safe inside my pocket,
I kept you here in mind;
safe inside my golden locket.

Where I believe was never quite that secure,
never quite that completely closed.
Because I opened it the next day
my feet upon the shore-
A glimpse at what waited for me on the horizon.

You were nowhere to be found
You had gone.
And the clouds were grey;

And the rain
it poured,
it poured.

And for that
I am sure
I am sure.

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