You Locked Me in This Room

April 19, 2008
By Jessica Barg, Milwaukee, WI

You locked me in this room
the room in which I cannot escape
I own the darkness
and loathe the light
You keep me in here with your stupid, ignorant plights

The light from under the door
that's all that's left right now
Who do I ask for help?
go away,
I ask politely
I scream
...Go away...? i plead
I plead for what I know
Because I know that I am now the darkness
and your a-typical cliche is the light.
Could you and your phisad come back another day?

You ask how darkness is enjoyable
and I firmly retort it back
The Darkness, it is indefinite,
Yet there is still curiosity
at the door

I am the darkness; the unknown

In this room are my sweet nothings,
my overabundant thoughts locked up
In the damaged file drawer
your lies have been unleashed

No longer is it good vs. evil
nor is it Dark vs. Light
It is me vs. my phony disguise

Who are you? I ask aloud
Who are you? I beg...
Who am I?... yet this question has
still not been answered

I sit in the room idly.
This silent, Light less room.
But what is Light other than a
phisad that covers the Darkness in
which we all live? And so I loom...
A question not to be answered,
but to be only misunderstood.

Darkness is not a state of
being without light.
Nor is Darkness a fearful sight.
Darkness is not evil,
Darkness is not sole.

But before we figure this
Darkness, we must come
to terms with Light.

Don't let the light and her beauty fool you,
for she is not happiness,
she is not even strength.
Being in Light is merely
a human fixation of hopes for a
more perfect life.
If you live in light, you
life is a lie.

For darkness is a state,
Darkness is a soul.
Darkness is way beyond
nothingness, for Darkness
defeats the emptiness, the emptiness
that Light leaves us in burden with.
Darkness is raw, Darkness
is true.
Darkness does not deny
nor does Darkness lie.
Darkness is the most truth one could ever find.
The knowledge we seek for
is not in the superficial
Light, but in the Dark
that we often avoid.
This darkness, once fallen,
is infinite, like an angel without her wings.

So seek the Darkness
that you throw obstacles
at to avoid.

In the infinite galaxy
in which we life, Darkness
is our god.
You are the supernova,
She is Venus,
He, Mars.
For each day of their
eternity, they die a little more.
The Darkness they once attempted
to flight from, slowly consumes
their whole.
That is who you are,
which is the smallest matter to me.
For I Am the Darkness, the
scary, yet blissful, never-ending

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