November 14, 2011
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Tired of the people
Tired of their lives.
Living next to houses
With five mile drives.

So the posh and the snobby
See us in the street
Having fun on the sidewalk
And act all elite.

But what they don't know is
That I like poetry too.
I listen to Schubert
And have the highest IQ.

But would they bother to know,
Or bother to care,
That I'll be rich one day,
A millionaire.

I tell myself, 'No',
As they raise up their noses
Because they were born into money,
Always could smell the roses.

I have now decided
As I mature and age
That I'll show them who's boss.
I'll turn over a page.

And then one day
When I'm a business tycoon
I'll arrive back in my town
All shiny and new

And say 'Hi' to my friends
Who I haven't seen in a while
And the teens on the street
Well, I'll flash them a smile.

Because I know how it feels
To be a subject of prejudice
To be thrown to the corner
Or be spun off your axis.

All this amounts to
My little bitty rant
Is that I really am grateful
For you telling me I can't.

Because it gave me some energy
To start over anew
To get my brain into gear
So one day, one day
I can be the opposite of you.

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