My Computer Ate My Homework

November 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I walked into class crying out with a huff,
to find my teacher saying “Sit down.” with a puff.
My dear old Mr. Smith said take out your homework,
I looked at him with shock and surprise because I got no work.
I said in a loud voice. “My computer ate my homework.”
He looked at me with a twitch in the eye,
I looked back at him thinking I would die.

“I woke up this morning to find my mac crashing the car,
and to see my iPod quite smashing the mac with tar.”
“My cellphone was chewing my pen and pencil,
as the telephone stabbed the pencil.”
“The MP3 started cutting my backpack to tiny bits,
as the Ipad was bashing it out of its wits.”
“Finally the dreaded computer started eating my homework,
until the printer was whacking it to make it go berserk.”

My teacher stood up with a jolt,
that makes my heart faint with 10,000 volt.

He took out his phone to make a quick call,
I stood there gawking, looking like I’m about to fall.
At 8 past 9 I looked out through the door,
to see CNN staring right back through the door.
Now before I say all of the good byes,
let me remind you to never create a product of lies.

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