I'm Not a Fool, I Have Common Sense

April 18, 2008
By Melissa Ribot, Brooklyn, NY

although it may seem that way
its really not
although the world might end
it really wont
because people are smart and
they can tell
tell are the ones who have faith
so did i
but i discovered it was all a lie
yes you can say it hurt
but really i was relived
relived that for once you were gone
not seeing you was better
not talking to you was the best
so this is my last word to you
im not a fool
actually i knew it was coming
like a astroid headed for New York
like the waves of the ocean on a hot summer day
but it hit me even quicker than that
i was struck like lighting
and couldnt belive i acted so stupid but then again you cant help for once being dumb its the mistake
everyone makes
but some people realize it before others
that called common sense

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