November 13, 2011
By stelluh SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
stelluh SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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When I was one, I probably wished for the most stylish diapers.
Keeping it fresh since ’98.

When I was two, I wished that my mom would raise my curfew to 12:00 PM.
Come on mom, just one more swing push!

When I was three I wished to go to school.
I want to be just like Albert Einstein!

When I was four I wished I hadn’t made that wish…

When I was five I wished that I would one day own every single Pokémon card that existed.

When I was six I wished that the girl who sat next to me would stop wiping her boogers on my chair and stop stealing my blue crayons.

When I was seven, my biggest wish was to own a skateboard and be just like Tony Hawk.

When I was eight I wished that my mom would let me shop in the boys’ section.

When I was nine, I wished to be the teacher’s favorite, so every kid would worship me.

When I was ten I wished that I could have a Facebook.

When I was eleven I wished that summer would never end so I wouldn’t have to go into middle school.

When I was twelve I wished that I didn’t get a Facebook.
All those missed home works…

As all these years fly by, I realize that I’m no different than I was at 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. My baby face hasn’t changed, my short pudgy fingers haven’t and I still have my irreplaceable dimples. The only thing that changed is that I’m no longer complaining about missing teeth and getting into middle school, I’m trying out for high school. I’m five years away from college and yet, it’s just the beginning. So as proceeds, my thirteenth wish is to forever be a Von Spreckelsen.

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