A Deep Connection

April 18, 2008
By Michelle McGee, Midland, MI

I let go,
And sooner than I knew,
I was falling.
Falling down the great abyss.

A sudden jerk to my body,
And I realized I was being pulled back,
Back into reality.

I was no longer falling down
Into the never ending pit.

Something had reached for me,
Something I least expected.
A large warm hand,
Clenched onto my icy cold fingers.

The next instant,
I was in someone’s arms,
The arms of a strong, muscular man,
With deep milky skin.

I look up at my beholder,
And to my amazement,
It was him,
The one I had imagined.
He was holding me,
Holding me tightly in his arms.

Our eyes connect.
My deep hazel eyes meet his,
The color of raven,
Large and deep.
I can see the world in his eyes.

He wrapped me tighter into his arms.
I knew I was safe from harm and
I knew I was wanted.
I knew he was there for me,
Even when I least expected it.

He was there to catch me when I fell.

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