Darkness in the Hearts of Men

April 18, 2008
By Alyssa DuBois, Parkside, PA

Darkness in the
Hearts of men

Where did it start,
This deep evil?

The new-born world now known as home
Was pure and bright and oh so perfect.
But purity was short-lived;
Darkness took effect.

Darkness in the
Hearts of men

When Satan spoke
To the woman fair

She listened to
The foul serpent’s tongue
She took the sweet fruit
Cursing the world young

Darkness in the
Hearts of men

And the man
He was no better

She spoke to him
“To us God has lied
Take it, eat it
See that I have not died.”

Darkness in the
Hearts of men

It has spread o’er the earth
It has destroyed life and light
Never again to be seen
In famine and war men fight
Endless death surrounds
The world of endless night
Destruction rampant o’er this world
While o’er their new-found plight
Demons fight
They gamble and
Cast lots among them
No sweet innocence is spared
Life is now pointless
Hope now seems forever lost, yet
A single child knowing loves pure light
Knows nothing of pain or loss
Love is yet
Found among hate

Darkness in the
Hearts of men

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