Princess of Diamond Tears

April 18, 2008
By Liliana Ortiz, Ft. Worth, TX

In dreams I walk through a forest
Not an ordinary place
It was created from a child’s mind
Maybe mine?
I hear something
It sounds like a soothing song
Echoing throughout the weeping trees
It also sounds like somebody’s crying
I found you
Sleeping in a cold white tree
You’re not wearing black
I thought you would
Even though you’re dreaming
Pieces of diamonds fall from the corner of your eyes
Slowly piling up on the ground
Then they slowly melt like ice
Nymphs are bowing their heads in sorrow
I reached and enclosed my fingers around your hand
Feels so cold
My ink-like tears slid down from my cheeks
As I whisper, “I’m sorry”
My words, fragile like smoke, are trying their best to reach you
Kissing your cheeks very lightly

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