November 14, 2011
By Punktot BRONZE, DeLand, Florida
Punktot BRONZE, DeLand, Florida
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Dedicated to a Man of God

Fear not, O Death, what thou must do,
In separating these, my kin,
From mortal bonds and painful cares,
To be all safely gather'd in.

Know ye not that some must stay?
A debt to Heav'n yet to pay.
And others go their merry way,
To meet that God which gave them name.

And when the last man's lower'd in,
And everything as clearest spring,
Then thou, O Death, shall finally see,
The joys and love which thou didst bring.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the death of an elderly friend of mine. I had visited him many times in his last days, and I attended his funeral and interning. As I was leaving, snatches of the poem came to my mind. Upon arriving at home, I fleshed them out, and hey-presto! There we are. I'm not sure why these words came to my mind, but upon reflection, they seem to fit my religious beliefs very well.

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