Remembered: Mother & Daugther

April 18, 2008
By Miante Mitchell, Bolingbrook, IL

Memories can last forever
As long as we remember them
At least try too and those things
We remember can mean the most.

She remembered when I was born
I remembered when she told the story
To the most random strangers. She remembers
When the doctors told her I was going to die
I remember asking her the same thing
Around maybe the age five.

She remembered I locked Mr. Brown’s
Mom out the house I remember
When I threw my glasses across the room
And thought I hit his Wife.

She remembered me cutting a boy’s shirt
In grade 3 because he said he wanted to fight me
I remember my first time cheerleading
She remembered when I got honor roll.

I remembered being shocked and so proud.
She remembers the older days
I remembered when she did tap and ballet.

She was there then and she’s still around
The most beautiful creation that sat foot on ground
Let’s keep making more memories even if
I can’t remember them all.

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