Learning to Fly

April 18, 2008
By Aryelle Young, Hampton, KY

A sudden drop, momentary rush,
That feeling of weightlessness.
But reality takes it’s cruel hold,
And the pleasure ends in blackness.

Repeated failure, that’s all it is,
Being left out from the simplest things.
Not flying or floating, not gliding or soaring,
So what’s the point of having wings?

Feathers of thunder and lightning,
An eagle’s wings and golden eyes,
With hair of blackest midnight.
But her whole being is made of lies.

She should be free, the sky her home,
But the earth’s grip is smothering her.
Unable to be her true self,
Alone, there is no one like her.

She can find no solace anywhere,
Until one with eyes of night arrives.
Like all, he is free, the sky his home.
An accident meeting that changes lives.

His wings are sapphire and amethyst,
And his hair of the deepest brook.
He sees her pain, and understands,
He seems to heal her with a look.

In each other, they find a place,
Free from all worry or strife.
She learns to fly, he learns to love,
Together they have the perfect life.

And so the pair make their place,
A home in a sometimes harsh land.
They find a piece of Paradise,
To show all that anyone can.

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