The Rose, The Tombstone

April 18, 2008
The rose blooms slowly
Petals edged with pain
She closes her eyes
Tears mix with the rain

Her heart has dissolved
Destroyed by the love
His acidic eyes
Whispered to hers of

She gave him her all
He gave her naught back
When first he saw her
He went on attack

He saw something weak
That longed to be strong
And he took such joy
In proving her wrong

He lured her to him
She went willingly
Fooled by the future
His eyes let her see

For a short moment
She relaxed in bliss
And found the whole world
Could be held in a kiss

When he ceased his game
And left her alone
All suddenly died
That had newly grown

She brooded and cried
Waited for his call
With each passing hour
Further did she fall

‘Til she was below
The point of her start
Then began the death
Of her now gone heart

She planted a rose
A living tombstone
For the girl she was
And the love she’d known

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