April 18, 2008
What does going to church and
Being in Charlotte, North Carolina mean when you put them together?
National Youth Congress!

It means, being on a tour bus with immature boys acting like monkeys for about, nine hours.
It means, tasting Ihop and pizza at two o’clock in the morning while still in, church clothes.
It means, crying out to God on the cold concrete floor covering it, in tears.
It means, becoming like a sloth and being so exhausted that you fall asleep still in, church clothes.
It means, having Skittle fights with your best friends at four, in the morning.
It means, being told to put some Neosporin and a Band-Aid on a, bleeding tongue.
It means, getting up at seven in the morning so you can get ready for the morning, church service.
It means, walking about a mile through the sweltering sun in heels so you get to, a class.
It means, being swallowed by a gigantic mall and walking through it twice to find a, photo booth.
It means, meeting incredible people and finding out interesting things about, their life.
It means, having such an awesome time that you will never forget all the things that happened.
It means, having a wonderful life changing, experience.
It means, if I tried to tell you everything that happened to me on this wonderful trip it would take, a lifetime.

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