My Friend's Eyes

April 18, 2008
By Shelby Hammons, Mt. Washington, KY

When I look into my best friends eyes I see courage like a lion,
Fashion, kindness, athletic, growing up, trusting, and a little sadness because of her Papaw, and many, many memories!
When I see her eyes it makes me want to Cry like a baby sometimes.
And every time she sees me I want her to feel the
Same because it seems as if we never talk
Anymore because we are in rival schools but I hope that we will always be
The best of friends and we will be exciting, ecstatic, electrifying, friends.
And always stay in Touch with each other.
And I hope that she realizes that one day we will be back together
Again in the same school!
See when she looks into my eyes I want her to see
Exciting, responsible, trusting, kindness, and also many memories!
And the most important that one day after we die that we
Will always be together in heaven reunited with all of
Our family members in heaven!
I see her she’s right around the corner to high school
Which in the next year we should see each other a lot but I
Know that in that time we will have even more memories and that time to
High school will fly by!

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