OWIE! (Stupid Doctors)

April 18, 2008
As I lay in the bed
The thoughts raced through my head
Soft cloth lay beneath, but unhappiness awaits
I can hear their foot steps
Click clack Click clack…
Along the bizarre floor
My heart starts to race
Like a race car
Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!
There it goes!
The soft silky serene bed
Was starting to creep me out.
Tension stiffened as I could taste the ornery air [YUCK!]
And smell the sick cafeteria food
Click clack Click clack…
Their coming closer
I kept thinking its okay its okay, but it wasn’t a fear that I could endear
Calamity struck out
This had reminded me of a pack of wolves, trying to eat its prey
I don’t know why? It just did
We were similar to a cat, trying to catch a mouse.

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