April 18, 2008
As I walk into the cafeteria I hold my breath,
Knowing I’m about to eat food that can gag you to death,
Looking around I can already tell,
That this lunch just can’t go well,
The pepperoni pizza is rock hard and cold,
My hotdog is swimming in a pile of mold,
The grilled cheese sandwiches are burnt and way overdone,
The chicken has bones in it, I must tell someone,
My apples slices are soggy and wet,
But the janitor can eat a whole dozen I bet,
The milk in the carton is curled and tastes sour,
Oh when do we reach the end of this hour?
My ice cream I bought turned to soup,
The mashed potatoes are a pile of goop,
The mac and cheese is made of plastic,
Eating it makes some of the kids go spastic!
There is a hair in my salad about three feet long,
Some of the kids that were in line are now long gone,
My scrambled eggs are squishy and gross,
I can’t tell if that thing on my plate is ham or toast,
But the teachers eat it as if it were a gourmet,
The scene looks really awful I must say,
I stepped in some peanut butter its all over my shoe,
The kids are in harmony all saying “eww”
Sally chocked on some cheese or so they say,
She was found in the hospital the very next day,
Watching the lunch ladies reheat the frozen turkey is a horrible sight,
You will never get me to take even a single bite!
My chicken nuggets are greasy and lumpy,
Even my hamburger is tough and unusually bumpy,
I would rather go without food for a week then eat this unpleasant meal,
“Time for recess” the kids all squeal,
Yay, Hooray, We are done!
Time to go and have some fun!

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