Not Having to Remember Anymore

April 18, 2008
By Justeen Underwood, Mt. Washington, KY

On the screen,
The shocking images flashed before my eyes.
The streets I’ve been on,
Bridges, buildings, beaches
Everything was a mess
I could feel the tears building up in the back of my throat, screaming to come out.
So many questions raced like bullets through my wondering mind,
Was everyone ok?
How long will everything be like this?
When will I be able to go back?
Casinos…only one survived
It was sitting on the deserted beach crying
My birthplace was officially destroyed
My eyes were now red and puffy,
I could taste the salt from my tears, making me remember it even more
I had already missed it
Then this had to go and happen
It was a category five
On August 29, 2005
A sheet of depression was laid on all Mississippians
Katrina was the worst thing that happened to me
But I know everything will be ok
Everyone will work together to make it like it used to be
One day I won’t just have to remember it,
I will be there, cruising through Biloxi
Sun shining bright
And at night, the beautiful sparkling lights reflecting off the ocean onto my grinning face
Those were the best times of my life
I love those hot sandy beaches
Whoosh, whoosh, there goes those waves again

I’m stuck in this bluegrass state

With the cold, snowy winters
Hey cardinals, keep trying
But nothing can compare to that southern breeze flowing through my hair

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