November 10, 2011
By Zach Nichols SILVER, Waco, Texas
Zach Nichols SILVER, Waco, Texas
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Apocalypse now or later?
Each man his own creator
Or destroyer, building walls or
Shields for an internal door
Staircases leading to each floor,
Contents of he is unsure,
Personal nine-tier department store.

Apocalypse today or tomorrow?
Filling his cup of sorrow,
Or confusion, a different version
For each “person”
Filled to the brim with sin,
Or just emptied of reason?
Committing daily treason.

Apocalypse before or after?
“Men” obeying their master,
Or “God”, scapegoats
Slitting innocent throats,
While their brethren tote
Messages under coats
Forcing unanimous votes.

Apocalypse now or later?
Each man a creator
Of his world, his vision
Makes revisions
Prisons providing provisions
For Con-visions
Worldwide divisions
Just make your own incision
Into this sphere of failed missions.

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