March 28, 2008
As I idly lay down to sleep
Reminiscant thoughts of you gallivant through my mind
Our memories, good times and bad, unbearable moments
They all consume me and impaid my every action
I have surpasses that stage of my life, I'm trying to move on
But everyday, I find myself rummaging through strangers, searching for your replacement
I miss you more and more as the seasons change
My soul yearns for your attention, your affection, you
I wonder if you realize that everything I do, say, and feel concerns you
When I dance, I dance as if you're my only audience
When I smile, I smile at the good times we shared
When I cry, I cry, because I know things will never be the same
Your once-strong, undying love for me has faded
Sleepless nights, endless memories, unbearable pain
I'm not the girl I once was
I do not smile nor laugh
I merely anticipate the day's end, when my mind will once again be consumed by thoughts og you
I love you and I'm lost without your love.

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