Chasing the Sun

November 3, 2011
By hockeyd14 BRONZE, Hampden, Maine
hockeyd14 BRONZE, Hampden, Maine
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When day turns to night
On the days of our lives
And memories past fade to grey
Look back on the bad
Look back sad
And remember your earlier days
Look back on the morning
No more than a child
Dreams always ran through your head
Your ambitions were wild
But always you smiled
Not a thing in the world did you dread
You’ll be 45 soon
The sun shows it’s noon
You’re finished with college
And such
All settled down with a wife
As you live out your life
And you realize you have so much
Look to the heavens above
As your breathe fades away
And smile not cry to your god
As you run to the light
Fading out of your life
You can hear all of heaven applaud

The author's comments:
This poem uses the analogy of a day to represent the blessed lives that we all have the chance to live.

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